Eternal Finance


Token Information
ETRNL Address - 0xB6A0Ad1C6C2E1E158026a2b5F8Ce2e8aCacFFA95

Don't be tricked by scammers, always double check the contract address.

The value of ETRNL will rise as more users invest USDC and when ETRNL tokens are sold and staked / sacrificed.
Initial Token Allocation
The initial token minted is 150,000 tokens.

• 50,000 - Public Presale Round 1 - 1.25 USDC per ETRNL
• 50,000 - Public Presale Round 2 - 1.50 USDC per ETRNL
• 16,000 - Team allocation total (4,000 each x4)
• 14,000 - Influencer and Subscriber Giveaway
• 20,000 - Reserved in Treasury

The team will have have to control the price of ETRNL Token so a burn and mint function is necessary to execute this. Aside from the initial 20,000 ETRNL, the contract has a function to mint 10,000 ETRNL Token per 7 days. This will not be redeemed unless needed.
Presale Information
Presale Round 1:
• Public Presale (i.e. No whitelist)
• 50,000 tokens available at 1.25 USDC each
• 50 USDC Min and 2.500 USDC Max
• You can only buy ONCE during each round, make it count!

Presale Round 2:
• Public Presale (i.e. No whitelist)
• 50,000 tokens available at 1.50 USDC each
• 100 USDC Min and 5.000 USDC Max
• You can only buy ONCE during each round, make it count!

Presale Fund Allocation:
• 50% - Locked in Eternal Main Contract
• 30% - External Income Generation
• 10% - Marketing Fund
• 10% - Team
Price Estimation on Launch
It is impossible to calculate the price of the token on launch as it depends on the amount of tokens that are staked.

But we can give you an idea on how the price would be. See the FF scenarios:

If 80% of the tokens purchased on pre-sale are staked the price of ETRNL will be 1.67 USDC.
If 90% of the tokens purchased on pre-sale are staked the price of ETRNL will be 2.05 USDC.
If 100% of the tokens purchased on pre-sale are staked the price of ETRNL will be 2.58 USDC.
Minting ETRNL
• Users can earn 1% ETRNL from investing USDC.
• Users will earn ETRNL tokens as a percentage of USDC invested irrespective of the ETRNL price i.e. If the user invest 100 USDC they will receive 1 ETRNL per day.
• Users cannot unstake deposited USDC tokens.
Staking ETRNL
• Users can earn 2% ETRNL from depositing ETRNL.
• Users cannot unstake their ETRNL tokens.
Selling ETRNL
• Users can sell ETRNL for USDC based on the current price of ETRNL.
• Accounts are limited to one ETRNL sale per week.
• Investors may be taxed based on the anti-dump and anti-whale mechanics.
Deposit Jackpots
The platform has 2 deposit jackpot features.

Last deposit jackpot, 0.5% of each deposit will be put into the rewards pool. Last deposit address will win the pot after 12 hours if no one else deposit after him. The pot for each round will start at 500 USDC and has a 2,000 USDC limit. Event can run every 1 hour up to 24 hours depending on the project owners setting.

Top Deposit Jackpot, biggest deposit in 48 hours timeframe will win 2% back as cashback . Event can run every 1 day to 7 days depending on the project owners setting.

Anti Whale Mechanics
On staking claims, a whale tax will kick in if the user claim exceeds 1% of the ETRNL token supply.

Tax is determined by preset brackets defined by the percentage of supply as follows:

0% - 0.99% of supply => 0% tax
1% - 1.99% of supply => 5% tax
2% - 2.99% of supply => 10% tax
3% - 3.99% of supply => 15% tax
4% - 4.99% of supply => 20% tax
5% - 5.99% of supply => 25% tax
6% - 6.99% of supply => 30% tax
7% - 7.99% of supply => 35% tax
8% - 8.99% of supply => 40% tax
9% - 9.99% of supply => 45% tax
10% - 100% of supply => 50% tax

Anti Dump Mechanics
• Users will be charged with 50% Tax if they sell more than 25% of their total ETRNL Stakes and if they have no ETRNL staked in the platform.
Anti Freeloader Mechanics
This is done to force users to stake USDC if they *magically* acquired ETRNL.
• A user must stake USDC and ETRNL in a 1:1 ratio (or more). This includes team, influencers, and giveaway recipients.

Max Payout
There is a 250% Max Payout for ETRNL Stakes including the deposited ETRNL.

ETRNL Price Calculation
• Total Supply : The amount of ETRNL tokens that are currently in wallets.
• ETRNL Price : (Total USDC Balance / Total Supply)

Referral Bonuses
• Taxes from Staking, Claims and Selling Tokens will be used for paying out referrals
• Get rewards for 5 levels in your downline
• Round robin style to prevent self referring
• Flat 3% affiliate commission

• Invest : 0% on USDC, 5% on ETRNL.
• Claim : 10%
• Compound : 5%
• Sell : 20%

All Taxes will stay or be burned in the contract.
Deposit Fee
• The only fee for the team will be for new USDC Deposits.
External Revenue
Aside from the 30% of the presale funds and depending on the investors funds to generate income for the protocol, the team will also be using an additional 30% of all deposited BUSD in the platform to be invested in other platforms to generate external revenue.

The investors invested will remain 100% and won't need to worry about their total investment being deducted.
We love our community and we want to know your thoughts! We would love to chat further if you have any questions on our telegram group.

Using smart contracts, cryptocurrency tokens, and cryptocurrency in general is always a risk. Never invest more than you can afford to lose and always do your own research!