Eternal Finance

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Project Statistics

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Invest in Eternal

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  • Deposit USDC :

    • Deposit USDC in the USDC Pool to earn 1% daily.

  • Stake ETRNL :

    • Deposit ETRNL in the ETRNL Pool to earn 2% daily.

Claim ETRNL Rewards

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    • Max Payout for ETRNL Staking is 250% •


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  • Sell ETRNL Token :

  • Sell ETRNL Mechanics :

    • There is a 20% sell tax applied.
    • Sell tax will be used to for paying referrals.
    • Users can only sell once every 7 days.
    • Users that sells ETRNL token and has no ETRNL stake will pay an additional 50% penalty tax.
    • Users that sells ETRNL token more than 25% of their ETRNL stake will pay an additional 50% penalty tax.

Deposit Jackpots

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Referral Statistics

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    Earn 2.5% for each successful referral!

Airdrop ETRNL

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  • Airdrop ETRNL to User :

  • Airdrop Mechanics :

    • Minimum amount that can be airdropped is 1 ETRNL token.
    • Only actively staked users can receive an airdrop.
    • Each airdrop will be charged with 5% airdrop tax.

Sacrifice ETRNL

  • Input ETRNL Amount :